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Articulated work - the Whorl collection

About this project

For a long time I have been interested in jewellery which consists of repeating units articulated together, but until recently I have not found an opportunity to explore the possibilities of such an idea. When I first produced my Whorl pendant I immediately realised that multiples would fit together like knitting stitches without requiring any mechanical linkage. I found this very pleasing and it has led to further experimentation.


£122 — £650


anticlastic, articulated, linkage, silver, jewellery


Jewellery, Silversmithing


Precious metal
Whorl pendant
Photographer: Paul Mounsey
This was the basis of the range - a simple silver form with a hammered texture and the means of suspension from an omega choker integral to the form.
Whorl Cascade pendant
Photographer: Paul Mounsey
This consists of 3 whorl-forms in graduated sizes, articulated together.
Whorl bracelet - detail
Photographer: Rick Turner
My whorl bracelet is made up of units which are as identical as I can make them within the constraints of handmaking. They are held together purely by their form - they are not soldered together.
Whorl bracelet - detail of toggle fastening
Photographer: Rick Turner
This shows the toggle fastening which passes through the last loop of the bracelet.
Whorl drop earrings
Photographer: Paul Mounsey
Just a simple pair of drop earrings derived from the same basic unit which is common to this range.

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Materials Metal, Precious metal

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