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About this project

An outdoor sport such as shooting often has a high volume of leather accessories associated with it.
I make many items for this field and if i had to pigeonhole myself I would say much of what I make for customers fits this arena, over engineered, robust classic leatherwork.
There is little that is delicate about these items but they each possess a classic and timeless style.


£600 — £1800


Gun Leather, Saddle Stitch, Classic Leather


Leather working


Armitage Leather Cartridge Bag
Photographer: Nigel Armitage
This is an open Cartridge Bag or Loaders Bag and will take 200 Cartridges. As you can imagine, when full it will weigh quite a bit and will be used in all weathers. It is made of English Bridle Leather and has reinforcement straps at the stress points. This is an heirloom items as it will no doubt outlive the owner.
Armitage Leather Cartridge Belt
Photographer: Nigel Armitage
More common with rough shooters, the cartridge belt is a useful item when fewer shots are taken and rougher terrain is being negotiated. This belt is made of English Bridle with a lightly tooled shoulder as a lining. Each loop is hand stitch ensuring a snug fit and the buckle is attached in the lapped fashion.
Armitage Leather Western Holster.
Photographer: Nigel Armitage
This was a holster to mark the release of a new gun by the Italian company Pietta who are makers of fine historical reproductions. Whilst more of the buscadero style made popular by Hollywood films, it is nonetheless iconic of the cowboys of the old west. Interestingly, many of the early leatherwork of the old west was undertaken by English leatherworkers who left the constraints of the guilds to seak their fortune in the new world.
Armitage Leather Cartridge Slider
Photographer: Nigel Armitage
Designed to be used the same as the belt, the slider carries less cartridges, six in this case. The process behind this was to be a teaching aid and a work along video was produced to let leatherworkers learn and make this at their own pace. It is made on English bridle throughout.
Armitage Leather Sheath.
Photographer: Nigel Armitage
Today, sheaths are not as common as they once were and not as frequently requested. They are still popular amongst those following Bushcraft disciplines who, by their resourceful nature, tend to make their own. Whilst still very much usable, this was made to be a show piece and is constructed of English Bridle with an Alligator inlay and double stitched. It may be more familiar to our antipodean cousins.

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