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Teaching the Skills

About this project

At Armitage Leather a large part of the week is taken teaching students and passing on the traditional skills.
Small pouches and bags are used to demonstrate the importance of pattern making, cutting, choosing the right seam, saddle stitching and finishing.


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Leather working


Notebook Cover
Photographer: Nigel Armitage.
This simple notebook cover for field notes was used as a teaching aid in a series of 8 videos on the Vimeo Channel, Secrets from the Workshop. It has proved exceptionally popular with beginners and seasoned leatherworkers alike.
Simple Bi-Fold Wallet
Photographer: Nigel Armitage
This is an exceptional popular course for beginners. An absolute novice can understand the principle skills and undertake this task in a day. It is a great introduction to the craft and an ideal way to find out in the craft fits you.
Bags and Pouches
Photographer: Nigel Armitage
A little more of a complex lesson and one taught over three to five days. Something for the leatherworker who is already on the path wanting to polish skills. Different styles of stitching are introduced and gussets at looked at in detail.
Box Stitching
Photographer: Nigel Armitage
For the advance student or leatherworker wishing to up their game, box stitching is taught here in the workshop. This is a single or multiple days course and one to really test those skills.
Armitage Leather Plaiting
Photographer: Nigel Armitage
Whips, Quirts and Crops feature a lot in leatherwork and are often overlooked. The right plaited item can offer a lovely addition as a handle or strap or even a stand alone item.

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