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Kilncast glass -Vessel Forms

About this project

I discovered kiln cast glass during my MA at the RCA 2009-11. A Major Creative Wales Award from the Arts Council of Wales enabled further investigation in glass as part of a research project entitled ‘An exploration in the language of form and material’. The general aesthetics of my work are concerned with forms that engage in a dialogue between fluid and formal lines. A growing understanding of the material qualities of glass, has informed the design process of new forms.


£3400 — £12000


kilncast glass, light and shadow, transformation, British Glass biennali, Emerg2016




Blue Vessel Form
Photographer: Ester Segarra
Kilncast glass 32 x 48 x 10cms- Winner of Best in Show at teh Britsh Glass Biennali 2015
Grey Vessel Form
Photographer: Ester Segara
Kilncast galss 38x32x8cms
Amber Red Vessel Form
Photographer: Sylvain Deleu
Kilncast glass- 38x47x17cms. Awarded 'Crossover Award' at Emerge 2016
Lavender Green Form
Photographer: Sylvain Deleu
Kilncast 38x 35x9cms.
Photographer: Sylvain Deleu
detail of Lavender green form (back)

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