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About this project

"PIMP"reflects on the mechanisms of displaying and selling art, its seductive power and the representation of the gallery space in which the act of seduction is carried out.
I worked around the woman form, displayed from an external perception, through the unravelling of the body, as if the soft tissues are pulled away to reveal something more deep and a final hint at the intimate forms that, isolated and taken out of context, lose all relation to the initial framework of the female form.


£1500 — £6000


sculpture, female body, organic forms, pleated metal mesh, brass, bronze, stainless steel, copper, hidden, display


Conceptual, Design, Metal work


Mixed Media, Metal
Photographer: Laura Eboli
bronze mesh-velvet-wodden frame, 70x70cm.
Photographer: Laura Eboli
brass mesh-velvet-wodden frame, 70x70cm.
Photographer: Laura Eboli
stainless steel mesh-velvet, height : 163cm.

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"VULCANO silver tubes" and "VULCANO silver chains"

Disciplines Jewellery, Metal work, Design
Materials Metal, Precious metal, Stone

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Disciplines Design, Furniture, Metal work, Textiles
Materials Mixed Media, Metal, Wood