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Gemini in Tempore

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About this project

I was asked to make a one off steampunk Nixie clock to beat all others! This is the result, it has dual time zones - a running Steam engine on the top, steam generator on the side and the centrepiece is the gyroscope assembly out of an old spitfire. Clock now resides in Singapore.


Clock, Timepiece, NIxie, Steampunk, Steam, Steam engine


Horology, Design, Technology, Wood, Glass, Metal work


Metal, Recycled, Wood, Glass
Gemini In Tempore
Photographer: Peter Gardner Photography
Final photograph of the Gemini clock
Brass Details
Photographer: Bad Dog Designs
Some of the brass engraved details on the Gemini clock
Photographer: Bad Dog Designs
A close up of the Central Gyroscope, and a reference to the aircraft it was taken from.
Photographer: Bad Dog Designs
A picture showing the amount of electronics and wiring that went into the making of the Gemini Clock

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