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The Bombe

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About this project

I was commissioned to make a 1:1 replica of the Bombe at Bletchely Park, used to crack enemy messages during WWII. I applied to Bletchley and received some original engineering drawings - which then allowed me to rebuild the machine. As with all my work, I made it into a Nixie clock - combining heritage / art and technology all in one go.


£4000 — £4500


Clock, Bletchely Park, Nixie, Enigma


Technology, Horology, Metal work


Glass, Metal
The Bombe
Photographer: Pete Gardner Photography
Final completed Bombe Clock
Casing construction
Photographer: Bad Dog Designs
These are a collection of Laser Cut Aluminium panels and Chassis that go to create the casing of the Bombe Clock
Unpainted Metalwork
Photographer: Bad Dog Designs
Part of the assembly process, checking fit of all the machined parts prior to paining
Gemini Brass work
Photographer: Bad Dog Designs
Engraved details on the front panel of the Gemini Clock

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