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The Gordon Clocks

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About this project

These are a great way to reuse old 1950’s / 40’s Voltmeters. Totally useless in todays modern world. Each Meter is stripped back to the bare wooden chassis, then re-finished and fitted with a Nixie clock display. Then completely rebuilt and finished off with lots of Steampunk detailing.


£495 — £2500


Clock, Reused, Recycled, Brass, Steampunk, Nixie Tube, Ornate


Horology, Wood, Metal work, Design, Glass


Metal, Wood, Recycled
Gordon MK IV clocks
Photographer: Bad Dog Designs
These are the smaller Gordon MK VI clocks, made from old Voltmeters
The Double Gordon
Photographer: Bad Dog Designs
A Giant Gordon Clock, made from an old Dual test meter. Has Time / date / Temperature and 2nd time zone displays.
The Grand Master Gordon
Photographer: Bad Dog Designs
A Giant Gordon Nixie clock, 6 digit display - motorised gears and a lot of steampunk detailing.
Gordon Gears
Photographer: Bad Dog Designs
Work on the Gear train on the Grand Master Gordon clock during the build

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