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The Pandora Clock

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About this project

The brief for this one, was a very pretty and detailed Steampunk themed clock. My favourite design style, so I made this one out of an old Victorian sewing box and then added a little motor to turn the gears on the front. All made from recycled parts.


£600 — £1000


clock, Steampunk, brass, detailed, ornate, unusual, Nixie clock


Horology, Wood, Metal work, Technology


Wood, Glass, Metal
The Pandora Clock
Photographer: Bad Dog Designs
Side image of the Pandora clock, showing the little brass horn
Pandora Top View
Photographer: Bad Dog Designs
The Nixie tube display close up
Pandora Gearing
Photographer: Bad Dog Designs
Close up of the Gears. The Centre gear is driven internally with a motor, that then turns all the other gears

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