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2019 Collection

About this project

The whole collection is produced in my new and unique reversible Fair Isle textile. The well-loved traditional patterns take on a modern twist by having the same pattern on the reverse side of the piece but with the colours inverted.
Because I managed to adapt a 2-colour knitting technique to 3, 4 or 5 colours, I had to work out how to get rid of the loops which resulted.
Pay particular attention to the selvedges! They are absolutely perfect.


£150 — £850


Fair isle patterns, contemporary heritage, luxury accessories, luxury textiles




throw C
Photographer: Liam Henderson Photography
one of the oldest patterns gives the most minimalist results when worked in my reversible Fair Isle technique
scarf TJ1
Photographer: Liam Henderson Photography
The contemporary version of a well-loved design. One side of the scarf looks just like the classic design, but the other with the colours inverted adds that modern feel to your look.
scarf TJ7 with wristwarmers W4B
Photographer: Liam Henderson Photography
Some of the oldest patterns surviving, the scarf has the popular trees at the ends while the assorted wristwarmers use a smaller more delicate pattern. Knitted in my new and unique reversible Fair Isle, they sive simple elegance to any outfit.

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