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Fox and Hen

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About this project

These two creatures were made as a private commission where the client gave me a whole selection of the family’s discarded possessions which I could incorporate into the life size sculptures. The Fox has typewriter parts for his legs, an old spectacle case on his side and a badge saying ‘Trust me’ on his forehead. His target, the Hen has him in her sights with a Fox button for an eye and a flock of toy chickens on her head as the crest of her comb and several watches and pieces of jewellery .


£150 — £3000


wire sculpture, recycled objects, fox, chicken


Metal work


Mixed Media, Recycled
The Fox is in her sights.
Photographer: photo by the artist
Life size Fox and Hen
Foxy Foxy
Photographer: photo by the artist
A life size Fox made from recycled objects wired onto a galvanised wire armature

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