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Jewellery (sculptural)

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About this project

Contemporary sculptural jewellery made from reclaimed and recycled wood and other materials.

All the beads and other parts are hand cut, coloured and polished in my studio, and knotted individually into the necklaces.  I make these pieces as either one offs or parts of small series so that all pieces have individual characters.

Most are for sale or commissionable.


£100 — £1250


contemporary jewellery, folk, beads, beading


Jewellery, Textiles, Wood


Mixed Media, Textiles, Wood, Recycled, Plastics
Monkey Necklace
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
Made from 1900 hand dyed beads, strung on a cotton braid. Approx 80cm
Candy Necklace
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
Recycled oak beads, hand cut and colours, and strung in a traditional formation.
Momotaro Necklace
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
Made from a broken chair leg and hand punched recycled plastic beads, with silk tassels. approx 80cm
Blue Necklace
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
circa 800 handmade beads, made from recycled maple wood. Inspired by a residency in Tokyo.
Glitch Necklace
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
Made for The Geometrics exhibition, this dramatic necklace is shaped from recycled maple wood, and bespoke cords.

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