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Repaired Objects - Sides to Middle

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About this project

By repairing ceramics using traditional techniques, new materials and experimental ideas, I attempt to move the repair process and broken objects from the sides to the middle, a textile term referring to the restitching of worn sheets to extend their use.

My focus on pre-exisiting objects and their palimpsests visibly proposes repair models.  The many calls for invisibility of repairs are, for me, counterintuitive.

This is an ongoing series, some of which are for sale or commissionable.


£125 — £325


crockery, repairing, mending, visible mending, fixing, pottery


Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual, Textiles, Traditional


Ceramics, Glass, Textiles, Recycled, Mixed Media
Milk Jug (2016)
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
Blue Pink Plate
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
Broken side plate fixed in a way that celebrates the break and references the craft of kintsugi
Paper Plate
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
This plate explore the idea that paper plates are more environmentally friendly than ceramic
Milk Plate
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
This plate was mended through a tradition technique, using the glue-like properties of casein in milk.
Super Glue Plate
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
A traditional plate mended in a standard way, using super glue. I left the overflow of glue to show the material and process of repair on the surface.

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