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Medieval sample

About this project

I have been awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship to study medieval tapestry techniques in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the US. It has had a major impact on my work, and I have shifted to a bolder, less ‘painterly’ way of weaving whilst still trying to make my work relevant to today. A number of samples have been woven prior to approaching a full sized work. This tapestry was woven in 2018 using a cotton warp and hand-dyed woollen weft and is 57cm x 48cm


medieval, traditional, hand dyed, narrative, woven, handwoven, tapestry, wall hanging, bold, wool


Textiles, Traditional


Medieval Sample
Photographer: Chrissie Freeth
Handwoven tapestry based on medieval techniques.
Girl with Flowers
Photographer: Chrissie Freeth

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