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Collection Creatures

About this project

I am captivated by unicellular microscopic animal and plant shapes - nature is wonderful!  I decided to translate these shapes into designs of sterling silver pendants, handmade pieces of art works - textured, engraved and patterns soldered onto base metal. Creatures are patinated, colour resined or oxidised, giving an iridescent phenomenon change of colours at different angles viewed!


£200 — £500


design, pendants, unusual, statement pieces, silver, oxidized, patina


Jewellery, Conceptual, Design


Precious metal
Collection Creature Pendant Wave & Dots
Photographer: Chris Poupazis
Handmade sterling silver patina
Collection Creatures Group of pendants
Photographer: Chris Poupazis
Handmade sterling silver patina with textures
Collection Creatures pendant tail & dots
Photographer: Chris Poupazis
handmade sterling silver patina with colour resin, come on chain or cuff

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Disciplines Conceptual, Traditional, Jewellery, Design, Technology
Materials Gems, Precious metal, Recycled

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