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New Project, Wooden Wands & Sceptres

About this project

I use wood from storm damaged trees or wood grown in my garden, season and carve wands and sceptres, inspired by my imagination of all things magic and tree and folklore!
This is a slow and loving process crafting a wand or sceptre, striping and drying the woods for at least 2 years.  Once seasoned, I begin carving whilst retaining much of the natural shapes, twists or knots decorating these with amber, citrine, topaz amethyst and sterling silver.


£300 — £1000


wood, silver, gems, commissions, sceptres, wands, magic, tree lore, carving, handmade


Design, Wood


Wood, Mixed Media, Organic Material, Precious metal, Gems
Wands in the making
Photographer: Chris Poupazis
Wood grown in our garden from willow, bay and dogwood trees
Storm Damaged Tree
Photographer: Chris Poupazis
Storm damaged tree. Tree lore belief, that items crafted from such wood have special magical qualities. This story has inspired me to make my wands.
Wands in the making
Photographer: Chris Poupazis
Wood with natural knots, twists and textures inspire me to carve them. They will be stained using natural colours of coffee, turmeric and finished with Dutch oil and bees wax with inlays of precious gems.
Wand with ambers & citrine
Photographer: Chris Poupazis
Wood for this wand was made from bay tree wood, I grew and seasoned. I was inspired by the knots in the wood and the interesting grain and colours

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