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'Diamonds In The Rough'

About this project

A Public Art commission funded by The Bromford Group. Four one metre by one metre panels celebrating the history and people of Rough Hills Tavern and the wealth of its industrial heritage. The panels form a timeline, through from the days of collieries and coal mining, the area’s original main industry, to industries such as car manufacturing, steelwork and japanning. The network of canals depicted throughout the panels represent the huge importance they had to industrial history and still today


architectural mosaic, Public Art, Exterior mosaic commission, heritage mosaic, handmade mosaic art


Mosaic, Ceramics, Pottery, Glass, Design


Ceramics, Glass
'Diamonds In The Rough'
Photographer: Shine Duggal
Heritage Public Art Commission
'Big Bessie'
Photographer: Shine Duggal
Detail from 'Diamonds In The Rough' Heritage Public Art.
Panel detail from
Photographer: Shine Duggal
Steelworker, 60's Sunbeam couple and frolics along the canal.

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Disciplines Mosaic, Design, Ceramics, Pottery, Glass
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