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School Gardens Heritage Panels

About this project

Architectural Art commissioned by Bromford Housing’s new housing development in Stourport. Drawing from archival research, Claire created bespoke art panels which celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the site. The vertical set of panels are 9m X 2m tall, spanning three floors in an atrium area. The horizontal panels span 6.5 X 3m. Both sets of panels were installed in a day, creating minimum disruption on site .


Public Art, heritage, history, new media, metalwork, large scale, bespoke


Design, Metal work, Mosaic, Technology


Mixed Media, Metal
Stourport Heritage
Aluminium, powder-coated and Dibond panels, celebrating the local heritage of Stourport. 9M X 2M.
Panel celebrating Stourport Regatta and leisure and pleasure pursuits through time, drawn from archival images.
Stourport Industry
Panel celebrating the local heritage of Stourport's thriving industry. 2m x 2m.
School Panel
This panel celebrates the heritage of the listed building incorporated within the new building development, former pupils etc. 2m x 2m
Nature, Leisure and Pleasure
Horizontal Panels celebrate canal life, while the bridge celebrates the life of Stourport's 3 bridges through history. 2m x 2m.

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