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The Burden III "COME IN"

About this project

COME IN consists of seven pieces which represent the seven countries which have been given a travel ban to the United States in 2017. Su’s aim in this collection is to reflect the struggle refugees face in the 21st Century with constant barriers being forced upon them, preventing refugees from embarking on a new life. The collection is a symbol of an open door for the refugees, welcoming them in, despite all of the closed borders…




Photographer: Esna Su
It is a journey for life and survival, as expressed in the blood red piece for Syria presenting a woven electrocardiogram linking a small and a bigger shell: Syria and the United States. This cardiac cycle from the Middle-East to the 'West', from right to left -like Arabic writing- stops towards the United States as connection is disengaged, acceptance denied.
Photographer: Esna Su
Light blue for Somalia, the empty outline of a small child's shoe dragging the bare shell of a teddy bear embodies the journey of flight in a loaded neck piece.  
Photographer: Esna Su
The hollowness of the pieces here echoes the void and silence opposed to their appeal. Namely, the sheer rejection of the United States under the infamous 'Muslim Ban'.... But at the same time, the name of the collection, the crochet reading 'Salam' ('peace' in Arabic) together with the persistence and strength of colour, appear like a call for a hopeful, interdependent future.

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