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Sculpted Leather Specimens

About this project

I study the mesmerising textures within the natural world and then capture this beauty in my work. My current body of work focuses on objects and textures found in nature, as well as artefacts collected along the shores. I imagine my works as live objects. I document every piece and number them as a scientist would, these works are my sculptural specimens. I fuse leather with other organic materials, hand building forms and patterns that embody nature and our relationship with the natural world.


£250 — £3000


Leather, Textures, sculptures, touch, artefact, Vegetable tanned Leather, unique, specimen, contemporary Craft, crafted


Leather working, Wood


Leather, Wood
Specimen Collection
Photographer: jeremy johns
Specimen No.02, Specimen No.03 & Specimen No.04
Photographer: Jeremy Johns
Photographer: Jeremy Johns

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