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Hand-woven hangings - creatures

About this project

Fiona offers innovative textile art in her collection of contemporary hand-woven wall hangings. Each piece derives from first-hand drawing and textural mark-making and has its own original story: a news article or an endangered species alert for example. The artwork is translated into digital files and carefully hand-woven in a mixture of sustainably sourced yarns, chosen for their colour and inherent fibre properties.  Fiona is happy to discuss commission ideas.


£250 — £2000


hand weave, hand-woven, weaving, textiles, jacquard, drawing, environment, animals, birds, comtemporary


Textiles, Conceptual


Elephant 'Loxodonta africana'
Photographer: Fiona J Sperryn
A personal response to the debates surrounding poaching, the hand-woven hanging measures 70cm wide by 93cm long.
Blue Marlin 'Makaira nigricans', detail
Photographer: Fiona J Sperryn
Inspired by the wide sweep of the Atlantic Ocean off Madeira, this is one of a pair of leaping marlins. The hanging is machine-woven in merino and other wools, bamboo and cotton and meticulously and originally hand finished. It measures 62cm wide by 118cm long.
Seahorse 'Hippocampus guttulatus'
Photographer: Fiona J Sperryn
One of the two native seahorse species in UK waters, this little creature is hand-woven in a mixture of yarns. This piece is one of four framed works each measuring 17cm x 17cm.

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