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Luxury ponchos

About this project

Original drawings, photographs and textural mark-making form the starting point for these luxury ponchos, some of which portray representational imagery. They are individually hand-woven on a digital jacquard loom using sustainably sourced yarns, which are mostly fine natural fibres; merino wool, cashmere, linen and bamboo for example. Each garment is meticulously hand-finished using traditional textile techniques. Commissions are welcome and Fiona is happy to discuss any ideas you might have.


£490 — £1550


hand weave, hand-woven, weaving, textiles, jacquard, luxury, slow making, one-off, contemporary, commission


Textiles, Design, Traditional


Orangutan poncho
Photographer: James McCormick
Inspired by the orangutans of Borneo, this poncho is hand-woven in super soft merino wool, cashmere and linen.
Johann poncho in fuschia pink
Photographer: James McCormick
A contemporary twist on the traditional 'overshot' weave pattern.
A trio of textures - ponchos in blue
Photographer: Fiona J Sperryn
Super soft merino wool, cashmere or fresh linen; the fibre combinations create unique fabrics for these original ponchos.

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