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Tins Re-purposed.

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About this project

Handmade, metalworked jewellery, automata and objects, featuring re-purposed steel, lithographed tins that are vintage or new. Set in silver, copper, brass or steel, the fragments of graphics selected from the tins are always the key inspiration in how the designs take shape. One of-a-kind & limited edition pieces that are colourful and fun.


£25 — £150


reclaimed, recycled, upcycled, repurposed, vintage tins, tins


Jewellery, Automata, Metal work


Metal, Mixed Media, Recycled
Number 10
Photographer: Maria Whetman
Necklace-Pendant. Reclaimed vintage tin packaging, glass beads, copper, silver, pearls.
Holy Rings
Photographer: Maria Whetman
Mixed metals - Reclaimed tins (steel), oxidised copper and silver.
Tea Caddy Mutoscope.
Photographer: Maria Whetman.
A short filmic 'experience' of a walk around Portland Square location in Plymouth, Devon. It includes images found during research into the area as well as many of my photographs of the area and close-ups of materials and surfaces relating to the place now, in the past and people who lived there. The experience encapsulates walks around this historical area now subsumed by the campus of the University, as well as research and speculation, emotions and observation. Read more about the Mutoscope here: http://bit.ly/1fkaF4t and watch it in action here: http://bit.ly/1H1p55V

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Disciplines Silversmithing, Jewellery, Metal work, Conceptual
Materials Metal, Mixed Media, Organic Material, Precious metal

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Disciplines Silversmithing, Automata, Jewellery
Materials Gems, Metal, Mixed Media, Plastics, Precious metal, Recycled