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Realising Landscape | 2018

About this project

Max Bainbridge and Abigail Booth, present a new body of work in an exhibition that looks at landscape as a site of exchange between material and the maker. Their work challenges the relationship between the imagined and the actual, where landscape occupies the critical space between thought and process. Booth and Bainbridge treat this liminal space as a site where human narratives can be challenged and re-written through the interaction with the natural.


exhibition, installation, landscape, sculpture, tapestry, collaboration


Textiles, Wood


Mixed Media, Textiles, Wood
Cracked Moon Jars
Photographer: Forest + Found
cedar wood | 2018
Spuce Offering Bowl, Pear Crucible, and Burnt Crucible on Burnt Plinth
Photographer: Forest + Found
spruce, pear and olive ash wood | 2018
Offering Bowl
Photographer: Forest + Found
olive ash wood | 2018
Photographer: Forest + Found
iron sediments and wood tannin on cotton | 230cm x 175cm | 2018

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