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Vessels | 2017

About this project

Taking the natural shape and form of the wood as a starting point, Max’s vessels explore a strong relationship to form, function, and the experience of sculptural objects in space. Using a combination of woodturning and hand carving he creates objects that celebrate the making process. There is no striving for perfection in this process. Instead he seeks a depth of understanding that comes only through the intimate nature of working and manipulating a material by hand.


wood turning, wood carving, sculpture, vessels, object




Axed Vessel
Photographer: Forest + Found
beech wood | 2017
Birch Standing Vessels
Photographer: Forest + Found
silver birch tree | 2017
Cracked Moon Jars
Photographer: Forest + Found
spalted birch and ebonised sweet chestnut wood | 2017
Adzed Pear
Photographer: Forest + Found
aged pear wood | 2017
Scorched Tenanted Bowl
Photographer: Forest + Found
sweet chestnut | 2017

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Materials Mixed Media, Textiles

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