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Crafts Council

What If I Fly?

About this project

‘What if I Fly’ is an evolving collection of new work that pushes the scale, technicality and performance potential within my practice, that will ultimately venture into a collaborative exploration with performers.
The collection harnesses the prevalent cultural associations between humans and birds to narrate the joy to be found in embracing who you are and flying free.
‘One For Solace’ currently exhibiting as part of Made in the Middle with Craftspace.


Wearable art, costume, bamboo silk, origami, madeinthemiddle


Textiles, Jewellery


'One For Solace'
Photographer: Kate Rossin for Made in the Middle
Work in progress
'One For Solace' Studio shot
Photographer: Kate Rossin for Made in the Middle
The first of the What if I Fly? project being made in my studio at Backlit

Next project

Found in the Forest

Disciplines Jewellery, Textiles
Materials Precious metal, Recycled, Textiles