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Creating a sculpture of a family of six

About this project

I was commissioned to make a family group of two adults and four children. I made several small sculptures which were rejected by the client. Instead of having the parents together she wanted the children to be inbetween both adults. She did not want them to be too harmonious because that was not her family. She did not want them leaning into the group because that was too claustrophobic. The finish had to look like bronze so I attended a workshop in France to learn an 18th century technique.


£30 — £900


scupture, family group, curves, smooth, modern


Ceramics, Pottery


Family group of six
Stoneware vases
Photographer: hazel feeney
Vases to be used as tabe decorations for a wedding
Moons, stars and birds
Photographer: hazel feeney
stoneware moons, stars and birds to be scattered on the tables at a wedding.

Next project

Creating a series of stoneware vases for a wedding.

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery, Design
Materials Ceramics