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Oriental Luminescence

About this project

These pieces were inspired by the late works of Louis Comfort Tiffany
( 1848 - 1933) Whose experiments with layering painted glass to show multiple textures and panels revolutionized the making of stained glass and reinvented the medium.
The glass panels are hand painted and fired and then are set in strong laminated glass cases with a concealed LED light panel.
The inspiration for the artwork was botanical and referencing the style of the Southern Song Dynasty ( 960 -1279 AD)


£20000 — £80000


glass, Lights, installation


Glass, Design, Technology


Orinetal Luminescence - Ashen Landscape
Photographer: Helen Brough
This piece is 300 cm x 46 cm x 10 cm . Three layers of painted and fired glass with LED light panel. The light is dimmed so can be adjusted from day to night.
Oriental Luminescence - Crimson Flora ; Oriental Luminescence - Rose Flora and Magenta Flora
Photographer: Helen Brough
Installation image showing the three pieces together. The LED light panel can be dimmed .
Oriental Luminescence - Orange Pavilion
Photographer: Helen Brough
There is always the potential for the glass pieces to be free standing.This is the Brancusi pedestal and changes in material and color are possible,

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