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PhD Research

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About this project

My Phd practical research will focus on the creation of the 3D image, within glass, and explore the notion of glass as a facilitator in working with and challenging the themes of 3D image perception. I propose to address in particular artistic spatial illusionary methods, reverse perspective techniques, auto-stereoscopic image based systems, Parallax stereograms and Lenticular print and lenses technology.


Optical Perception, Research, Lenticular, Illusion, spatial depth, Glass, Cast Glass, PhD


Glass, Technology, Conceptual


Glass, Mixed Media
Geometric Perspective
Photographer: Ester Segarra Photography
Cast glass with digital decal - 40cm diameter x 8cm deep
Tree line - Cast Glass
Photographer: Roddy Canas
Reverse perspective glass cast
Photographer: Helen Slater
Digital lenticular image and cast glass lenticular lens

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