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Experimental lettering

About this project

As well as designing and carving traditional lettering we are continually exploring the boundaries of legibility and abstraction in letterform.
We are fascinated by how little you need to be able to read something, and how you can relate the text to abstraction. Text is a real problem for letterers, as Gerrit Noordzee puts it: ‘The secret of the shape is hidden beneath the riddle of the meaning’ and somehow the meaning almost always overrides the shape.
We aim for a balance between the two.


£300 — £6000


letter cutting, letter carving, carved lettering, inscriptions, lasercut corten steel, corten steel inscriptions




New Blue Moon
Photographer: incisive letterwork
Lettering inspired by the cliff face near the Dorset quarry. Text Travelling Wilburys
What we need are Magicians
Photographer: Incisive Letterwork
Dual text slate, sans serif Dutch and English (gold lettering) based on Arab script. text Cees Nooteboom
Presence and Absence
Photographer: Incisive Letterwork
Art and Poetry. One of 4 stones with a text by Barbara Raddice about what is there and not there.

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