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Large projects

About this project

National Gallery 2004/5: fascia carving, donor stones, plaster cast lettering and getty entrance inscription. All lettering specifically designed, hand carved and gilded. Architects Dixon Jones.

Exeter Cathedral Green 2011:10 pavement inscriptions in York Stone at the entrances of the Cathedral green. Carved with the help of Ben Jones.

National Portrait Gallery 2000: all lettering for the new extension, featured on the cover of Crafts Magazine. Architect Dixon Jones.


fascia inscription, architectural lettering, lettering, carved lettering, letter cutting




portico at the National Gallery
Photographer: incisive letterwork
carved and gilded fascia lettering at the Natonal Gallery
Exeter Cathedral Green
Photographer: Incisive Letterwork
One of the 10 pavement inscriptions in the entrances to the Green
National Portrait Gallery
Photographer: Philip Sayer
The cover of Crafts Magazine showing the entrance opening stone

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