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A Walk in the Park

About this project

I really enjoyed responding to this brief, for a group exhibition in Leeds, taking the chance to develop my ideas of urban parks. When I first came to Leeds, the abundance of magpies in the park was striking, as was the presence of towerblocks in the background.  The pictoral nature of my work led me to use the techniques I usually employ to represent the pastoral landscape, this time in a more narrative urban setting, with the patterns of tower block windows rendered by my square makers mark.


jewellery, silver, copper, urban, landscape, pushchair, towerblock, magpie, pictoral, etched




Fresh Air
Photographer: Liz Samways 2015
I used a wide variety of techniques in layers to create this very pictoral piece of jewellery. Etched, engraved, plated, textured & patinated silver, brass & copper on a sterling choker. Dimensions approx 4 x 7 cm
Joy & A Boy
Photographer: Liz Samways 2015
Etched Sterling Silver Magpie reversible pendant. I've always been superstitious about One Magpie, just in case, but this has an image on each side, so can be 2 or even 3 birds. Length approx 7cm.
Park Life
Photographer: Liz Samways 2015
Magpies (2 for Joy) with towerblocks in the background. Sterling, brass & copper etched, engraved, textured, patinated and punched. Approx 6cm long.

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