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Inspired by my parallel practice of printmaking, working in 2 dimensions,  observing and abstracting the textures, contours and patterns of the landscape.  Traditional etching methods were used in these pieces, and in addition further experimentation and happy accidents gave me inspiration for my own markmaking techniques. The warmth of copper and brass contrasts with grey metallic silver and I have also used aluminium and varnish on larger hanging pieces, using rivets & solder to join metals.


£66 — £250


landscape, copper, brass, silver, picture, etching, texture


Jewellery, Metal work, Printing


Metal, Mixed Media, Precious metal
Liz Samways Pendant or Hanging Piece
Photographer: Liz Samways
Copper, Sterling Silver and Moonstone with brass rivets. An experimental piece which involved superimposing an existing piece onto an etched copper landscape using brass rivets. The work was selectively patinated and can be worn as a large pendant or hung on a wall.
Liz Samways Copper & Aluminium Landscape Picture (detail)
Photographer: Liz Samways
A small picture produced using a variety of etching techniques built up in layers to represent the patterns and contours of the landscape. Aluminium moon cold-joined with rivets.
Liz Samways Sterling long landscape earrings
Photographer: Liz Samways
Textured and etched sterling silver with patina protected by wax.

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Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Precious metal, Metal, Mixed Media, Ceramics, Ceramics

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