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Isabel Dodd

Textile maker

London, Greater London


handmade, stitched flowers, craft for Interiors


£150 — £800


Isabel is passionate about flowers and fascinated by their complex forms. She recreate the structures and shapes of individual flowers which balance lightly on wires and offer constant blooms into any household.

Made from a light composite fabric, each one is individually stitched and moulded. Some are trapped in domes, others into plinths which catch the breeze and gently sway.

Isabel’s sculptures bring life to any interior space from a sitting room to a hotel foyer.


Simplicity wins

06 Oct 2018
Gorgeous display by @isabel.dodd@handmadebritain I thought they were ceramic....not the only one fooled with that! And then it turned out I still have a scarf from her that I regularly wear....bought 25 years ago at Chelsea Craft Fair


13 Sep 2018
Isabel manipulates fabric into flower sculptures, displaying them on metal wires to create simple yet elegant pieces. a love of flowers can be seen in all Isabel's artwork and the mixed media, modern approach turns a flower into a mesmerise sculpture

Available for commissions



Flowers in domes

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Materials Textiles

Flowers on plinths

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Textiles

Large flower installation

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Textiles