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Flowers on plinths

About this project

Stitched and manipulated fabric flowers are arranged on white plaster plinths. These flowers balance on metal wires and catch the breeze and gently sway.
These sculptures come in a variety of sizes from a single flower to a large display. A customer can select their favourite flowers from the options but Isabel will happily try will happily try her hand at any flower.
These pieces give constant blooms to any interior space.


£150 — £350


art for interiors, craft flowers for interiors, white art, fabric Tulips, flower sculpture, hand made flowers, Craft flowers, flower structure, interior style, Fritillaries




Single Anemone, Daisy and Tulip on plaster base
Photographer: Yeshen Venema
Single stitched fabric Anemone, Daisy and Tulip balance on metal wires on a plaster base. Dimensions 5cmx5cmx17cm
Fritillaries on plinth
Photographer: Yeshen Venema
Stitched fabric fritillaries balance on white wires on a plaster plinth. Dimensions 7cmx7cmx24cm
Anemones on plaster plinth
Photographer: Yeshen Venema
Stitched fabric Anemones and buds balance on wires on a plaster plinth. Dimensions 7cmx7cmx26cm

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