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Fine Art Textiles

About this project

This project was worked on over a period of three years as the artist’s father developed dementia. The work explores the anxiety and tensions experienced by her father and the close family.


£600 — £3000


Textile based wall hangings, print, paper, dynamic, abstract, textured, dyed, layered


Textiles, Design, Printing


Mixed Media, Paper, Textiles
Drifting Away 1
Photographer: Michael Wickes
Work expressing the artist's feelings as her father drifted from the family away as a result of dementia.
Drifting Away 2
Photographer: Michael Wickes
Further work exploring the artist's father's dementia in the troubled world of the nursing home.
Drifting Away 3
Photographer: Michael Wickes
This work expresses the freedom of the outside world as opposed to the confined, claustrophobic of the nursing home.