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Projects exploring inlay techniques in weaving.

About this project

Artwork for Tokyo New Hospital, Japan; ‘Rice Fields’, exhibited at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition, Copenhagen; ‘Transitions’ made for the Textile Research in Process exhibitions at the Harley Gallery, Nottingham and the Design School, Loughborough University. The inlay technique in these projects involves a ground cloth with extra warp ends on a separate beam. The extra warp ends are used as stitching points, through which fancy yarns can be inlaid be hand using a bodkin.


woven inlay technique, woven panels




'Summer Solstice' Woven panel.
Photographer: Kumiko Matsuki
'Summer Solstice' is one of four woven panels: ‘Spring Shimmer’, ‘Autumn Haze’, ‘Tropical Fusion’ commissioned for the 2nd floor relaxation area of Tokyo New Hospital, Matsudo City, Chiba, Japan.
Detail:'Spring Shimmer' Woven Panel.
Photographer: Jan Bowman
Detail of fancy yarn inlaid on the surface of the ground cloth, using the extra warp ends as stitching points.
Close - up: 'Summer Solstice' Woven panel.
Photographer: Jan Bowman
Size: W1500 x H500. Woven Inlay technique. Materials: monofilament, enamelled copper, viscose, cotton, rayon.
'Rice Terraces' Series of Five Woven Panels.
Photographer: Jan Bowman
Individual Panel size: 48 cm x 54 cm. Materials: monofilament. enamelled copper, reed, braid, paper yarn, lurex, cotton, silk. Exhibited at the Spring Exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen. Date: 2011.
'Transitions' Series of Three Woven Panels. Textiles Research in Process Exhibition, the Harley Gallery Nottinghamshire
Photographer: Jan Bowman
‘Transition’. . Size: 56 cm x 760 cm. Materials: monofilament. Enamelled copper, reed, braid, paper yarn. Date: 2012.

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