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Worsborough Centre, Barnsley

About this project

In 20I3 I was commissioned to produce twelve artworks for the Worsborough Centre, Worsborough, Barnsley; 3 panels were made for the wall above reception, 3 for the podiatry waiting area, 3 for the surgery waiting area, 1 for the wall by the lift, 1 for the children’s’ play area and a large scale artwork for the exterior wall in the relaxation area by the main entrance. A number of public engagement events and weaving workshops directly influenced the content of the artworks.


community involvement, woven panels, weaving workshops




Exterior Woven Artwork, Worsborough Centre, Worsborough, Barnsley
Photographer: Jan Bowman
Exterior woven panel made for the outdoor relaxation area next to the main entrance of Worsborough Centre. Size: width 204 cm x height 76 cm. The artwork incorporates historical and contemporary images of Worsborough within the woven framework.
Narrative Ribbons, podiatry waiting area, Worsborough Centre
Photographer: Jan Bowman
The text on the ribbons woven into the panels in the podiatry waiting area, imitates the the electron text running above the panel. Panel size : Three x Depth 6 mm x Width 200 mm x Length 900 mm.
Narrative Ribbons, surgery wall, Worsborough Centre
Photographer: Jan Bowman
Panel size : Three x Depth 6 mm x Width 200 mm x Length 900 mm.
Detail of narrative ribbons in the woven panels on the surgery wall.
Photographer: Jan Bowman
Materials: silk, cotton, wool, ribbon, beads, viscose.
Guess Who Woven Panel, Childrens Area, Worsborough Centre.
Photographer: Jan Bowman
The panel in the children’s waiting area builds on the woven ribbon weaving workshop we undertook in the after school club held at the library and in the Worsbrough Centre. The animals that have been woven into the panel as a game, all live at Wigfield Farm, Worsborough.

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