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Hansel and Gretel ( a nightmare in 8 scenes)

About this project

Puppets carved from Clive Hicks-Jenkins designs for a Goldfield Production - with words by Simon Armitage, music by Mathew Kaner and performed by Goldfied Ensemble with Adey Grummet, puppeteered by Di Ford and Lizzie Wort.




Hansel and Gretel
Photographer: Jan Zalud
Carved from Clive Hicks-Jenkins designs, the puppets are painted but not yet costumed.
production poster
Puppets carved by Jan Zalud from Clive Hicks-Jenkins designs and costumed by Oonagh Creighton-Griffiths.
Hansel in action
Photographer: Still Moving Media
Hansel and Gretel - production photo

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