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"Dance to the Music of Time"

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About this project

New College Tapestries, The Founder’s Library, New College, Oxford.

Each: H.2000 x W. 1000 mm. Wool, cotton, linen, gold and silver thread.

The Suite of Six New College Tapestries evoke time and space. The designs move back and forth from night to day, with shadows and light and references to the solar system and the deeper universe. These images show the tapestries at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.






The Founder's Library Tapestries for New College. Ashmolean Museum
Photographer: Jeni Ross
Suite of 6 woven Tapestries for New College, Oxford. Each tapestry 2000 x 1000 mm. The designs move back and forth from night to day with shadows and light, evoke time and space and referencing the solar system and the deeper universe. The tapestries are shown here exhibited at Ashmolean Museum.
New College Tapestry No 2.
Photographer: Photo: David Gowers
Influenced by the colour theory of the Bauhaus artist Johannes Itten Jeni has been working with the idea of 12 shades of blue relating to the passing of time and has used 6 of these shades as a progression for the main colour in the designs and all 12 to create harmonies and balance between each piece. Glimpses of the sun, moon and stars feature as the designs change from day to night.
New College Tapestry No 4.
Photographer: Photo: David Gowers
The designs include suggestions of the different wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared while curves, segments of ellipses and sudden changes of direction all work to give added movement. A major feature in many antique tapestries is a curtain. This plays with the idea of a tapestry’s function within a room, its physical nature as a textile and also with the notion of something concealed or revealed.

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