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Encrusted Collection

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About this project

Encrusted focuses on the idea of surface, fabrics embellished with layers of hand-stitched and manipulated detail. The organic shapes imitate natural surface textures such as barnacles and the way these natural forms envelop a surface.The embellishments are created using unconventional materials, creating metal sequins flecked with paint, hand dyed loops of tubing and origami like structures from melted plastic.Each piece in the collection is a saturated explosion of vivid colour and texture.


£300 — £2750


embellished, colour, contemporary, wall art, stitched, textiles




Mixed Media, Textiles, Plastics
Link (framed) 36x36 - 2017
Photographer: Christian Ståhle 2017
Mixed media embellishments and embroidery details on linen and neon mesh .
Origami (framed) - 36x36 - 2017
Photographer: Jessica Grady 2017
3D embellishment and stitch using a combination of plastics, textiles and threads. Stitched on cotton canvas.
Noughts and Crosses (2017)
Photographer: Christian Stähle
Textiles, paper, recycled plastic, metal and hand embroidery

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