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PROJECT 1 — Inky Series 1

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About this project

‘Flow’ & ‘Pool’ are part of a current series of works examining qualities of inky fluidity translated into yarn through the weaving process; the aim being to capture the spontaneity of painted, pooled marks.
‘Flow’ has featured in exhibitions in the Watermill Gallery, Aberfeldy, Perthshire, 2015 and Brown Grotta Gallery, Connecticut, USA, 2016 (http://www.browngrotta.com/)
‘Pool’ was part of a group exhibition ‘Distilled Tone’ at the Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, 2016


£500 — £25000


the scottish gallery, distilled tone, browngrotta arts, woven, colour, tapestry




Flow — Hand woven tapestry
Photographer: Jo Barker
70 x 137cm Wool, cotton & embroidery threads
Thinking & Making — Four Artist Weavers, Watermill Gallery, Perthshire, Scotland
Photographer: Jo Barker
Gallery installation view
Pool — Hand woven tapestry
Photographer: Jo Barker
Private collection 42 x 59.5cm Wool, cotton & embroidery threads

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