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(In)visible Cities - small

About this project

(In)visible Cities is a series of mosaic and cast concrete artworks inspired by Italo Calvino’s novel and Carlo Scarpa’s architecture.  The work plays with the notion of what is visible - exploring the intimate detail, and beauty, of unseen, ‘glimpsed’ spaces.  It depicts a highly personal response to ‘place’ which combines an interest in abstracted, simplified forms with subconscious associations and memories evoked by the built environment - juxtaposing colour, texture, materiality and scale.


£325 — £450


mosaic, cast concrete, design


Mosaic, Design, Glass


Mixed Media, Glass, Stone
(In)visible Cities: Dusk
Photographer: Michael Wolchover
(In)visible Cities: Reveal 2
Photographer: Michael Wolchover
Piastrina, smalti, jesmonite. 165x150x30mm
(In)visible Cities: Reveal 1
Photographer: Michael Wolchover
Smalti, porcelain, jesmonite. 165x170x30mm

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Disciplines Design, Mosaic, Glass
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