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Vestigium Series

About this project

We all leave "a trace or a footprint" when we leave this world - I have researched and employed this theme in developing my current body of work during my MA. I employ many glass making skills to build up layers with ethereal veiled artefacts that inspire curiosity.
The Vestigium Series includes sculptural pieces and wall mounted work.


£500 — £1500




Material Remains III
Photographer: Photo by Simon Bruntnell
Cast glass layers with textures from medieval archaeological remains (from Woking Palace).
Vestigium Series- Medieval Strata II
Photographer: Photo by Simon Bruntnell
Wall mounted glass layers with veiled
Vestigium Series - Medieval Strata I
Photographer: Photo by Simon Bruntnell
Layers of glass cast with veiled artefacts and bubbles with medieval textures. Wall mounted slices that glow and create shadows.