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About this project

With this miniature tapestry, I address issues connected to the landscape, in danger from climate change and the predations of humans. Sometimes using foraged materials such as ash seeds and leaves. I contemplate the losses we may suffer unless we can actively work to protect wild areas. I see the natural materials as the captives or pawns of humans; I allude to the devastation of the landscape which may result from our thoughtless actions.




Textiles, Organic Material
9.5 cm x 10.5 cm, linen, metallic thread, ash keys, lotus leaves, watercolour
132 cm x 152 cm, linen, wool, cotton, based on the overpainted hull of a boat in the village of Cromarty
132 cm x 183 cm, linen, wool, cotton, raffia, about my Japanese ancestors who worked in the timber trade and would have transported logs by river. Kawa is the Japanese word for river.

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