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Unmarked Lives

About this project

I am an international person. My grandparents came from the four corners of the earth and met and married in Canada. My diverse family is Scottish, Japanese and Lithuanian, and Ukrainian-born Jewish. This project has focused on the lives of my forebears, trying to represent their emotions, their dreams, their struggles. They were ordinary people without a presence in history. I am trying to commemorate lives which were often unmarked, to celebrate them.


£300 — £5500


Textiles, Paper


Textiles, Paper
Scratching the Surface
121 cm x 183 cm, linen, cotton, wool, based on the upturned hull of a boat in a village in Lithuania, near where my great-grandparents had lived, prior to their emigration by boat
h 132 x w 152 cm (52” x 60”) linen, wool, cotton tapestry weaving with knotting and loops Based on the worn and overpainted hull of a boat in the village of Cromarty, where my great-great-great-grandfather was a linen weaver. Ships brought raw flax from the Baltic states. My antecedents in Lithuania grew flax on their farm, so I like to think that a ship might have made a connection between these two branches of the family (unconnected at the time) through weaving. Now the families have become connected through my birth.

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