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MIMA Collection

About this project

This is the first collection from JOHN EADON and will be launching at LDF 2017.

The new MIMA Collection from JOHN EADON was born out of an exploration into the techniques and processes used in Windsor chair making, and to reconsider them through other items of furniture. Discovering a fascination and appreciation of how strong but lightweight joints and structures can be made, and to how the joinery method goes part way to determining the design aesthetic and exploring light and space.


handmade, craftsmanship, plants, table, candles, shelves, record, records, vinyl, windsor


Furniture, Design, Wood


MIMA Collection
Examples from the MIMA Collection showing the Record Table, Shelving, Plant Stand, Magazine Table and Candles.
MIMA Record Table detail
Detail of hand cut dovetails on MIMA Record Table drawer in English Ash
MIMA Collection
MIMA Record Table, MIMA Magazine Table, MIMA Candle Holders, MIMA Plant Stand.