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John Grayson

Satirical automata in vitreous enamel

Wolverhampton, West Midlands


enamel, narrative, automata


With a passion for 18th Century and Victorian industrially formed and decorated metal objects, created by defunct manufacturing processes rooted in the West Midlands: maker, researcher and academic John Grayson has been engaged in a 20 year career creating narrative based automata and objects, initially from printed tin sheet and now vitreous enamel. Through craft making, he subverts the factory made aesthetic, creating objects that satirise, document, and critique contemporary society.


Exhibiting at Caring is Sharing, Munich Jewellery Week.

11 Mar 2020
An exhibition of international Metal Artists that also teach in universities. Four university programs in metal art celebrate their yearlong cooperation through forged metal and enamel made by the academics. 11th - 15th March

Available for commissions



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