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Sunflower table

About this project

Sunflower demonstrates the interlocking spiral pattern governed by the Fibonacci sequence of numbers which is ubiquitous in nature. In this project I translated the organic, temporally fluid form of the sunflower into a fixed unchanging mosaic.
As with all my mosaic tables, this table is weather resilient. Standing 700mm tall with a diameter of 800mm, it can be sited outdoors as well as in.


£1000 — £1300


sunflower mosaic, mosaic table


Ceramics, Glass, Metal
Photographer: Joy Holden
An overview of the design.
Sunflower table in the frost
Photographer: Joy Holden
My tables are weather resilient.
Sunflower table
Photographer: Joy Holden

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Disciplines Mosaic, Design
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Disciplines Mosaic, Furniture, Design
Materials Glass, Ceramics, Metal