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Cycladic Forms

About this project

The figures and heads are inspired by cycladic figures - a group of mostly marble carvings found all over the Cyclades islands in Greece and dating from around 3000BC onwards.
I was struck by their strong mysterious aesthetic. Mostly female, what they were used for, what they represent, remains an enigma.
Each sculpture has their own unique character and are named accordingly. I work on the pieces often for days or weeks, firing a number of times until the the form and surface feel in tune.


£150 — £900


sculpture, wheelthrown, cycladic, volcanic, raku, glaze, figures, faces


Ceramics, Pottery


Photographer: judy caplin
54 cms high standing proud and tall, she guards over the others. Volcanic glazed stoneware fired a number of times
Photographer: judy caplin
Named for a a Celtic Goddess who battles against injustice to women and children. 34 cms tall, cratered glazed stoneware fired a number of times
Photographer: judy caplin
Themis is goddess of divine justice, order and customs. She also had the gift of prophecy. Lave glazed stoneware, snaded, scoured, and filed.

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Materials Ceramics, Metal, Organic Material

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